What’s in the box?!

I love boxes. Especially cute little ones. I like to keep things in them, the sort of junk that you forget about, until one day you open that little box up again and get a happy surprise.

That’s why I put so much time and effort into my jewellery boxes for customers. What’s inside is what people buy, it’s the main attraction, but the box is the icing on the cake.

Each of my jewellery boxes is embossed by hand with my logo, with a lightly glittered finish. Here’s how I do it! (Photos by Josh Alliston)

I get the plain boxes from Tiny Box Company, who make great quality packaging.

 Next I stamp each box with my custom logo stamp.

 My stamp is from another great UK company, The English Stamp Company. I use British products wherever possible.

While the ink is still damp I pour on the glittery embossing powder.

I tip off the excess. It’s already starting to look pretty good!

A little quality control goes a long way!

 Then I use my big pink heat gun to fix the embossing powder to the box.

And repeat…

Then comes the best part – filling the boxes with cute, colourful jewellery!

And that’s that. Lovely boxes with lovely jewellery, ready for their new homes!


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