Review Round-Up: Space Adventure Activity Book

Pleased to see that reviews of my Space Adventure Activity Book are starting to surface online and in print! Here’s a quick round-up:

Parents In Touch

“Children are fascinated by space and they will love this packed activity book with its wide range of colourful activities… With beautiful, bright illustrations to engage children’s attention, this is a really good example of what an activity book should be. There will be many hours of fun to be had with this excellent book.”

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And Parents In Touch are offering 5 copies of the book as part of a giveaway! Not long left to enter, so head over here quick – Space Adventure Activity Book Giveaway

Red Reading Hub

“There’s plenty to engage young children during the long winter evenings in this space-themed activity book… With 60 pages of spacey fun, this should help fill a fair few hours of darkness.”

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Parent Talk

“This fabulous space-themed activity book will entertain children wherever they are in the universe. The pages are crammed with all sorts of fun, including dot to dot, spot the difference, colouring in and other activities like baking Stellar cakes or making Martian masks! Fun and educational, it features beautiful, bright illustrations that will draw children in and keep them busy… There’s fun here for every little astronaut and alien!”

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Publishers Weekly

“Space-obsessed readers will find plenty to explore in this workbook whose activities include matching games, mazes, connect-the-dot exercises, and extraterrestrial scenes to complete with drawings and stickers… British illustrator Alliston’s cartoons feature an array of child astronauts, aliens, robots, and animals. While the focus is on entertainment and developing basic cognitive skills, readers will pick up space trivia and vocabulary words along the way.”

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Primary Times

“Let your little astronauts blast off into space with the Space Adventure Activity Book which is sure to entertain children wherever they are in the universe… It is available in paperback so is light enough to be popped into a bag and carried around for the day, ready for any time your child may need entertaining.”

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Big Shop Update – just in time for Christmas!

It’s all go here.

On Saturday we had a big update of my Etsy shop, which went from having 1 product on there to having a super 14 products!

These include:



My shop is no-longer empty!

Yes, embarrassingly my Etsy shop has been empty for months. I’ve just not had the time to do anything with it. It is frustrating because every time I start to build up a bit of momentum with it, something happens and all my products expire or sell out and I don’t have time to fix.

But now there is 1 (yes ONE!) product on my Etsy, which is the old faithful, The Human Next Door, my full-colour silent comic. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do (of course I would).

Soon I’ll put on my new notebooks that have previously only been seen at shows, plus new Lino prints and giclee prints, but for now… buy my comic!

Jen x


New website design

I’ve been busy re-designing my website. The old one was a bit dark and cluttered, so this time i’ve gone for clean and simple.

I’ve also removed a lot of the old work that was on here, such as my laser-cut jewellery which I just don’t have the time to make anymore. I’ve refocused all my efforts on illustration as that is my true passion (it also happens to be what all of the work i have coming in at the minute is, which is nice!)

Let me know what you think of the new site design, it’s always good to get feedback…

HiFest, Hastings – 3rd December


Just a quick note to say that I’ll once again be attending HiFest (Hastings Illustration Festival) on the 3rd December 2017. I’ll be sharing my table with Zoe Jackson Illustration and will have copies of my new book, Space Adventure Activity Book, along with prints, notebooks, Christmas cards and much more!

Please note, HiFest is a two-day event but I’m only able to be there on the Sunday this year.

From the organisers:

Join us for  a superb array of workshops, talks, live drawing, exhibitions and all thing illustration happening around Hastings!

HiFest 2017 will once again be held at The Printworks – situated in the historic America Ground area of Hastings.

Just a short walk from Hastings Train Station and town centre, and 25 metres from the seafront.

The event will take place over two floors of this fantastic building, with additional events in the surrounding area.


Space Adventure Activity Book

For the last year I’ve said things like “I’ve got a big project I’m working on” or “I can’t talk about it at the moment, but all my time is being taken up by an exciting job”… well I can finally talk about it!


I’m delighted to announce the Space Adventure Activity Book by your’s truly. It’s a fun-filled book which includes activities ranging from spot-the-difference to word searches, from baking to making, from sticker pages to drawing tutorials, all aimed at children from 4 – 8 (though with 3 pages of stickers and lots of colouring-in, I think slightly younger children could enjoy, too).

Without further a-waffle, here are some peaks inside the book…

The Space Adventure Activity Book is published by Button Books and is available now from Amazon and all good bookshops in the UK. There is a US edition which comes out next year and will be available from Barnes & Noble and other bookshops, so keep your eyes peeled.

P.S. some eagle-eyed readers might have noticed that I’ve gone and changed my name… I’m now Jen Alliston as I got married in October, right around the time the book was published – not a bad month all-round!