Bears & Vegetables!

I’m still beavering away with the big freelance work (can’t show anything yet, sorry)!

But here’s some more patterns. I’m really enjoying doing these!

more bears-01fruit and veg-01


Looking forward, looking back

New Year is always an interesting time, a time to look to the future at the possibilities the year ahead brings, but also to look back at what went before.

Personally, 2016 was in equal measures hard, fun, wonderful, horrifying, sad and exciting. I broke yet another bone thanks to Roller Derby (the sport that I love but that hates me) and had to retire from the sport. I completed the purchase of my first flat (with my OH), which is something we’ve been working towards for so many years. Some political stuff happened. David Bowie died, who is a hero of mine (my cat’s name is Ziggy and we have a Bowie shrine in the flat…) and so did Alan Rickman, and so did Carrie Fisher, and so did Prince. I got the biggest and most exciting illustration commission of my career so far (can’t say much more now). A lady read The Human Next Door whilst standing at my table at a fair and was brought to the edge of tears (good ones, I think).

So it was a mixed one.

2017 is looking bright, though. I plan to restock my Etsy shop (it is looking bare at the moment due to some very successful fairs in November) along with lots of new designs. I also plan to go paddleboarding more, which I’m certain will become the more sedate and less dangerous way of filling the void that Roller Derby has left in me.

I hope you have a wonderful year…

Beast x

Merry Christmas! An update…


First off, Merry Christmas! This happy little penguin is an illustration I made for Buff Motion, who then animated it as part of their 2016 Christmas Advent Calendar. You can see all of the other animations on their website by clicking here. I did one last year, too, which you can see by clicking here.

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but it is for good reasons I promise. Earlier this year I got commissioned for the biggest illustration project I’ve ever had. It is taking up every free moment of time I have, but I’m excited about it and hope to announce full details in the new year.

On the jewellery front, my Etsy store is looking a little bare at the moment, thanks to some very successful fairs in November, but I’m hoping to re-stock soon, plus add some exciting new designs.

Have a great Christmas, everyone!

Beast x

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The sun is shining and I think that is worth celebrating. That’s why I’m offering 20% off everything in my store! That’s 20% off cute lasercut wood necklaces and earrings, 20% off Lino prints, and 20% off my comic – The Human Next Door!

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